Grateful Goodbye

Andra Perdomo, Felicia Mumbert, Vickie Kite Milburn

Fall has arrived with all its fabulous glory- cooler crisper weather, fairs, festivals, craft markets and football. Fall is truly a favorite season of mine. I love the rich colors of the changing foliage, brightly colored mums and pansies, and pumpkins of course. This fall along with all the color, brings a bit of sadness with it, I am sorry to say, that this fall/winter issue is our farewell, final, sunset issue.

This special issue is filled with many of our favorites; beautiful homes and gardens, 25 of our best-loved holiday cookie and cake recipes, articles on nonprofit organizations doing great work, as well as a roundup of charity thrift stores where shopping is affordable and funds raised go towards taking care of the less fortunate in our region. In this edition we salute the military community and give you the facts on the impact the bases are making on Southern Maryland. We give you a full calendar of events as a well as a beautiful spread of favorite sunset spot photos and feedback from friends of the magazine. (Special thanks to Conni James for making the sunset spread happen!)
It was in the summer of 1998 that I approached Barbara with the idea of starting a magazine about the great people and places in Southern Maryland. It was something I had been wanting to do since working at Mid Atlantic Country magazine while in college. Barbara and I were neighbors and had worked on a few marketing projects together. She was a talented graphic designer, and I had a background in publications and advertising. I was so excited when she said yes. We made a great team, we always had faith in each other, in God, and in knowing everything would work out and it always did.

We started by creating a media kit and a mock up publication and hit the road running. It took many months, lots of learning experiences, loads of assistance from family, friends, and neighbors. In the spring of 1999, our first issue was delivered! It was such an exciting day to see the fruits of labor come to fruition. Even more exciting was the day we received our first subscription card in the mail; it was then I knew we were doing the right thing!

Since that time, we’ve published 95 issues, met a plethora of incredibly talented, generous, and inspirational people, were introduced to hundreds of great businesses, learned a multitude of history lessons, enjoyed meals at more than a hundred locally owned restaurants, learned about the wonderful work being done by the nonprofits in our region, attended an abundance of special events, took countless tours of incredible homes and gardens, cooked hundreds of cookie, appetizer and entree recipes, made dozens of wreath and craft projects, captured thousands of photographs, and so so much more…all in our efforts to share it all with you.
In these years we’ve had the privilege to work with dozens of talented writers, photographers, editors, sales representatives, administrative and subscription support people, accounting and distribution personnel, and printers that all brought their expertise and optimism to the publication. It’s been a family affair as well, my mother, father, sisters, niece and nephew, brother, aunts, cousins and my husband have worked with the magazine. My mother would deliver the magazine to all our distributors and advertisers. She was our biggest fan.

We are thankful for the best businesses in our region, our loyal advertisers and distributors. Many of them have been with us for more than 20 years! Please continue to support them.

I know I will. There is no doubt I will miss the people the magazine has brought into my life. It has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I will especially miss working with our current support and creative staff, Andra Perdomo and Felicia Mumbert, they have filled so many of my days with much creativity, friendship and fun.

There have been so many great moments since we started the magazine, but there have also been many lessons learned, challenges and transitions. In 2015 Barbara made some life changing decisions, started down a different path, and left the magazine. I am delighted she is living her best life with a new husband and expanded family. I am thankful for her continued friendship and for the faith she put in me 25 years ago. When Barbara left I expanded the work space in my home, and hired people to replace her.

Unfortunately, just as Covid has had a devastating impact on so many people and businesses, Southern Maryland -This is Living is no exception. The paper shortage and subsequent 100% cost increase have done most of the damage. The decision to close the magazine was a difficult one to make. I can’t even imagine my life without it. But I know that my life is in God’s hands, and he has a new direction for me. With every sunset comes promise of a new day. I am excited about what the future will bring, so grateful for the 25 years working on Southern Maryland-This is Living. I am most thankful for our readers who have been a joy to work for.
So grateful for you. Thank you!!

Gratefully yours,
Vickie Kite Milburn

For our subscribers:
We will be putting information and sending emails to our subscribers letting them know their subscription status. For those that are due 4 or more issues, we will be giving an option for a partial refund, or participation in a donation to a local charity. We will be making a donation in the names of our subscribers to Southern Maryland Community Resource Center. Watch our website at for more information.