Hunter’s Retreat: Home for the Holidays

The Drury family (left top Mary Beth, Griffin, Alden, Joe, and Jovi).

Warm, Welcoming and Wonderful

Writer: Vickie Kite Milburn | Photographer: August Selckmann | Winter 2022


Celebrating our salvation with the ones we love gives the Christmas holiday special meaning and lasting memories. Joe and Mary Beth Drury share the blessings of this meaningful holiday with their family and friends in their Leonardtown home that is not only beautifully decorated, but warm, welcoming and inspirational.
Three years ago, the couple moved their three young children into the home and family farm, Hunter’s Retreat, where Joe, his five brothers and sisters, father, John Drury, Jr, and grandmother, Mary Rosa Greenwell, were all raised. The 300-year-old home overlooks Moll Dyer Creek which runs into Breton Bay.


All original 1953 Chevy truck sits in the front yard decorated with a fresh cut tree in back!

Prior to 2019 the house had been home to Joe’s mother, Anne Drury, who always hosted large family gatherings. She loved spending time with her children and grandchildren. While Anne has since passed, the large family gatherings continue as the baton was passed to Joe and Mary Beth who now host the family celebrations.
Although the house had been updated in 1999 when a two-story addition, new kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and basement were added, the house needed a renovation to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for their growing children and large extended family.


A model of a Chevy truck adorns a table with holiday ornaments and trees.

Working with several contractors including Bob Green Siding, Specialty Wood Crafts and carpenter Stu Geibert, they created a home that maintained the historic farmhouse charm while adding an open spacious feel. They took down walls, expanded the view with additional windows, added new doors, repurposed space, installed a new custom kitchen, exposed old brick in the living room, added a children’s craft room, as well as bathroom, and extended their outdoor living space.

Mary Beth, a talented artist, designed, visualized and helped execute the transformation.
Her creative touch can be seen throughout the house. She did an incredible job creating a home décor that blended both the historic roots of the house with the new modern additions. The cohesive décor and attention to detail make it hard to know where the original house ends and the renovation begins. They used the same style moldings and trim, family antiques and vintage mirrors throughout the house. She hand-painted the beams in the living room, the downdraft in the kitchen and other spots to give an aged appearance. While the renovation took almost a year to complete, the result is nothing less than stunning.


The main Christmas tree is 10-feet tall and decorated with symbols of Christ ornaments.

Holiday Cheer
Mary Beth takes the same energy and creativity she used to transform the family home to prepare it for her family and friends at Christmastime. It takes a small team (Mary Beth and her sisters) about a week to complete the decorating which includes 10 themed trees and dozens of yards, hundreds of glass balls and yards of garlands on the two stairways and mantles throughout the five-bedroom farmhouse. The children do their part and make snowflakes and gingerbread houses that are a vital part of their holiday décor.
The decorating continues to the outdoors where you’ll find the fresh pine, holly, magnolia, apples and oranges on the front porch. Joe’s holiday-trimmed 1953 Chevrolet truck welcomes guests to the front door.
This Christmas is sure to be another great holiday shared with family and friends in celebration of Christ’s birth filled with loads of family and fun. •