A Glimpse Back at Historic Living

Over 23 years, Southern Maryland – This is Living has taken our readers on detailed tours of many of the historical homes of our region. We’ve had the privilege of sharing stories about their owners, architecture and decor. In this issue, dedicated to the homes of our region, we are excited to bring you a glimpse back at some of the incredible homes previously featured. This photo roundup reflects many different time periods and architecture styles. Some have been restored and preserved to close to their original structures, others have been updated to modern standards and expanded. While most of the houses are privately owned and can be admired from a far, others are open to the public and meant to be admired in person. The good news is there are still so many more for us to feature in our future issues . . . so be on the lookout. See our feature on Sarum in “Things that Manor”. That’s considered to be the oldest home in Charles County.
Some of the photos and information provided here have been updated from when first published, but most of them are pulled directly from our archived articles. The issue dates are at the end of each listing. Homes noted with an asterisk are open to the public.




Special thanks to the people of our local historical societies: Michael Mazzeo, Jr. of the Charles County Historical Society, Mary Wolfe of the St. Mary’s Historical Society and John Johnson of the Calvert County Historical Society. We are only able to give spoonfuls of information on each house.
More information can be found in several books available at our county libraries, including Early Manor and Plantation Houses of Maryland by H. Chandlee Forman and I’m Going Down County by Kirk E Ranzetta. Watch for a new publication available this fall – Architectural History of Charles County, In the Midst of these Plains: Charles County Buildings & Landscapes, by Cathy Thompson and Nicole Diehlmann. For more information on the book, please visit the Historical Society of Charles County on Facebook.
For more information on homes listed here, click here to visit the National Register of Historic Places, or contact historical societies of each county.
Calvert County: 410-535-2452, calvertcountymd.gov
Charles County: charlescountyhistorical.org
St. Mary’s County: 301-475-2467, stmaryshistory.org
Make plans to visit the homes open to the public. You will learn something interesting!