Winter Wonderland Photos

Jenna Licurgo, Huntingtown

Brittanie Kause, Port Republic

A milder than average 2019-2020 winter put a damper on our annual Winter Wonderland

photo contest. Each year, we solicit photographs from our readers taken during the previous winter. With the region experiencing what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration noted was the sixth warmest winter on record, it was bound to result in fewer entries than usual. Since we didn’t receive enough to warrant a proper contest,

Marie Lynch, Leonardtown

we’re going to improvise. We’ve reached back into our archives to bring you some of our favorites from  years past along with a few new entries. Enjoy the beautiful snowscapes, wildlife, and scenic sunsets and sunrises! The magazine cover photo was taken by Jenna Licurgo of Huntingtown. And have your camera ready. Wintry weather will be here before you know it!