Handmade Beauty

Sharpie Silk Scarves 

Story by Vickie Kite Milburn. Reprinted from Fall 2017.

I have always had a great love for scarves. I think they can instantly take an outfit up a notch. The right colors will flatter your face and brighten your eyes. Plus, scarves make great gifts!
When my friend and neighbor, Birdie Shannon, who is also Southern Maryland-This is Living’s subscription coordinator, told me about Sharpie scarf art, I thought it was a great idea to share with readers. It’s easy, fun, inexpensive … and the results are beautiful. Over Labor Day weekend, my niece, Kate, and I had fun creating some beautiful fashion accessories.
White silk scarf, square or oblong (you can get them at
Amazon, Dharma Trading)
A set of various colored Sharpies
Rubbing alcohol (91%)
Dropper filled with rubbing alcohol
Spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
Paper towels
Coffee filters
Cover your table with a plastic tablecloth or black trash bag.
The first thing to do is think about your colors and design, and practice using the coffee filters. Remember to keep it simple. Two to three colors work well. Draw on the design, then spray on the alcohol. Watch the design come to life!
Once you have determined the colors you want to use and the design, it’s time to put them on the scarf. Make sure the scarf has been ironed to remove wrinkles.
Now it’s time to apply the colors. Fold your scarf in half. Draw your design on the silk scarf, making sure it goes through to the other side. Work small sections at a time. Massage the colors into the scarf.
Once you have completed the design, it’s time to add the alcohol. You can spray it on or use a dropper. They create different effects. Slowly add the alcohol – taking care not to add too much.
Blot the scarf with a paper towel to remove any excess dye. Once it is dry, iron it to set the colors … and you’re ready to wear it!

Once you’ve created your first scarf, try another using different colors and designs. The options are limitless. This would be a great activity to do with friends and family.
Enjoy! I’d love to see your finished scarves. Please send your photos to me at somdthisisliving@aol.com.