Hand-Painted Beach Cover-Ups

Hand-Painted Beach Cover-Ups | Vickie’s Creative Corner
These beach cover-ups are each unique, easy to create, and look great at the pool or at the beach. They also make great gifts. We used an extra-large, adult cotton T-shirt, but you can use any size T-shirt. Have fun with it!
Cotton T-shirts (prewashed)
Cardboard the size of your T-shirt
Various shells (ridged shells such as clam shells are the best)
Various printable sponges in sea animal/nautical shapes
Fish shapes and textures. We used a wine bottle, but you can use real fish if you want, just make sure the fish is very clean and dry
Acrylic paint in various colors
Paint brushes and paint sponges
Pitcher of water
Paper towels (for cleanup)
Brown paper or an old fabric sheet to cover tables
Plastic cups to put water in and for the paint
First start by covering the surface of the table with a material you don’t mind getting paint residue on. Next, place a piece of cardboard between the front and the back of the T-shirt so that the paint doesn’t go through. Lay it flat on the table, front side up.
Remember to use your creativity. You might want to do some practice prints with old T-shirts before using a new T-shirt.
Choose the paint colors you would like to create with. Try picking vibrant colors for summer.
Before you start printing, do a quick plan of colors and shapes.
Complementary colors look great together, or one color with various shades looks great as well. But remember to use your artistic freedom; there is no wrong way.