A day of music, beer and food will be offered from noon-6pm June 18. What a great way to spend a summer afternoon. Sample local cuisine, try a variety of regional craft brews and support

Ah, the scent of Old Bay mixed with steamed blue crabs – that’s the smell of a Maryland summer. Expect to find plenty of steamed crabs, crab soups, crab cakes and other seafood dishes available to

Hand-Painted Beach Cover-Ups | Vickie's Creative Corner   These beach cover-ups are each unique, easy to create, and look great at the pool or at the beach. They also make great gifts. We used an extra-large, adult

Written by: Jackie Zilliox  | Reprinted from Summer 2007   If you’re going to create a landscaped garden, it takes time, money and a plan. Usually, because of the reasons mentioned, you have to create landscaped gardens

Story by L. Beth Bonifant | Reprinted from Spring 2013 Spring wouldn't be the some in Southern Maryland without landscapes filled with the bountiful blooms from azaleas and rhododendrons. Both create a spectacular sight when planted

Low Maintenance and Lovely   Story by L. Beth Bonifant | Photography by Devon Sinclaire | Summer 2013   Anyone who drives through Southern Maryland in the summer, particularly sections of Route 5, will be treated to a frilly,

Story by L. Beth Bonifant | Photography by August Selckmann | Reprinted from Spring 2014 The beauty of wisteria has been the subject of a plethora of renowned artists including, Claude Monet. There have even been

Story by L. Beth Bonifant and Photography by Ed Mann | Reprinted from Summer 2014 The cooling effect of a shade garden in summer can be one of life's simple plea­sures. The best of both

  Story by L. Beth Bonifant and Photography by Ed Mann | Reprinted from Summer 2015 The black-eyed Susan is one of America’s favorite wildflowers. Common in all 50 states, Maryland designated this

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