Here's a new guide to hidden attractions, unusual locales Writer: Angela Mattingly Breck | Autumn-Winter 2022 Southern Maryland-This is Living contributing writer Judy Colbert knows a thing or two about what to do and what to see

Supporting Maryland's farming veterans Writer: Judy Colbert | Autumn-Winter 2022   Many of us visit local farmers markets as a pleasure of living here. Who won’t suffer a hot and humid outing to get some fresh sweet corn

At the end of the day, Southern Maryland sunsets provide a glorious grand finale Writer: Conni Leigh James In this, the final edition of Southern Maryland-This is Living magazine, we would like to celebrate the spectacular beauty

Written by: Jackie Zilliox  | Reprinted from Summer 2007   If you’re going to create a landscaped garden, it takes time, money and a plan. Usually, because of the reasons mentioned, you have to create landscaped gardens

Story by L. Beth Bonifant | Reprinted from Spring 2013 Spring wouldn't be the some in Southern Maryland without landscapes filled with the bountiful blooms from azaleas and rhododendrons. Both create a spectacular sight when planted

Low Maintenance and Lovely   Story by L. Beth Bonifant | Photography by Devon Sinclaire | Summer 2013   Anyone who drives through Southern Maryland in the summer, particularly sections of Route 5, will be treated to a frilly,

Story by L. Beth Bonifant | Photography by August Selckmann | Reprinted from Spring 2014 The beauty of wisteria has been the subject of a plethora of renowned artists including, Claude Monet. There have even been

Story by L. Beth Bonifant and Photography by Ed Mann | Reprinted from Summer 2014 The cooling effect of a shade garden in summer can be one of life's simple plea­sures. The best of both

  Story by L. Beth Bonifant and Photography by Ed Mann | Reprinted from Summer 2015 The black-eyed Susan is one of America’s favorite wildflowers. Common in all 50 states, Maryland designated this

Our Sunset Edition Is Out!

Filled with information for festive holidays (including 25 Christmas Cookie and Cake recipes) beautiful homes and gardens and spotlights on some very special charitable organizations, and much more.